How do you add Chat Agents to Lazada Chat IM

Your Lazada shop is growing, traffic is growing. How to do handle the increasing influx of customer chats? If you do not deal with it, your seller Response Rate (RR%) drops which in turns affect your shop performance. Suddenly having increase traffic might not seem like a good idea.

There is a way to handle this problem:

  • You can hire a part-time to help with your chat
  • or find a family member to help out

For example: When my store starts having increasing chats from customers. Naturally, it is hard to hire with a limited budget and in the early stage of business. So what I did was to ask my wife to help out as a Chat agent, this help to prevent the RR% from dropping and actually help to increase more sales as we build up more relationship.

1/ First, add the user to your seller center

You can find this under your profile -> User Management

Add users to Lazada Seller Center

2/ Assigned the correct rights for the user

There are lots of different rights in Lazada User Management but what we are looking for here is the Junior Chat Agent.

Now, if you are hiring a part-timer to help with chat -> it is only right that you choose Junior Chat Agent. This means that the user can only do chat and they cannot do anything else. **You would not want a part-timer to check on your earnings.

Like in my case, my wife will only be helping out on Chat management so I gave her the Junior Chat Agent rights only.

Lazada Seller Junior Chat Agent

3/ Add the user into Chat Settings

You can find the Chat Settings under your profile and click on new user

Note: if you do not add the user into the Chat Setting, the user will not become a chat agent because in the first step, you are only giving rights for the user to become a user on seller center. Only in Chat settings you can assigned the role

Only in Chat settings you can assigned the role to the user – Must do to assigned chat agents

4/ And you are done

Now you will have chats allocated to the chat agents. You have split the workload and have resources to grow even more.

If you have questions or any topics you like us to discuss, leave a comment below and we will answer them. Looking forward to hearing from you