How to increase sales with Lazada IM Chat?

Lazada chat app for sellers on desktop
Lazada chat app for sellers on desktop We also use it for CRM

With Alibaba acquisition of Lazada, there have been many changes to their platform. One of the big changes is that Lazada has been rapidly adding seller tools. Tools that help to give small sellers to have a chance against big or branded sellers.

When we first started selling on Lazada, there were not many self-service tools that we can use. Much of the dependency is with the Key Account Manager (KAM), but that also depends if you are big enough in term of sales for a KAM to service you.

For example, in the past you have to depend on a KAM to boost your products, now you have a thing called “Seller Picks”. Another would be like “IM Chat”, you can now chat with your buyers when they placed their orders.

So here are my learnings from using the seller tools like a small seller. Hopefully, this will be useful for fellow new sellers.

The first tool! Seller IM Chat

What is this?

This is more than just a chat. If you can use Whatsapp, you can use this tool. This seller chat allows you the seller and customers to interact instantaneously. Helping you to increase sales.

How do you set this up?

To set up chat, you will need to go over Chat Settings

Click on your profile picture -> Find the chat settings -> add user

When you click on “add user”, a drop-down list of existing seller center accounts will be listed. If you are planning a new user who does not have access seller center with you, you will need to create one for the user under “Under Management”

*You will need to login in using your Seller Master Account. A Seller Master Account is the main account that you used to sign up with Lazada.

2019-03-30 at 10.46 AM.jpg
Find the Chat Settings under Profile


What can you do with it?

There are lots of things you can do with Seller Chat IM. The most important we used it for customer service and service recovery. Just take a minute to think about it, most buying decisions are moving online and sometimes there is just a need to speak to someone. Chatting directly with sellers allow you the opportunity to build a relationship.

2019-03-30 at 10.45 AM.jpg
Example of what we use Seller Chat for a Refund Case

List of things that you can do with Chat IM

Provide info (Product and both order info) Solicit review
Cross-sell Service recovery
Upsell Send voucher
Send follower invite Send product card
Build rapport Send order details
Create hype for campaigns Initiate chat for new orders

What is Response Rate (RR) and How is it measured?

As a seller, you are also graded for your Chat Response Rate. It is important that you understand how is the RR is measured because it will reflect badly for your brand if it is low.

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You are accountable for the Chat Response Rate Score

From how we understand in the seller training given. The percentage of chats responded by Seller by the end of the next working day over the last 7 working day, excluding PH & weekend. There is also an algorithm in place to exclude PH & weekend, hence RR% is not measured in real time but has a lag of 4 days. Plus Auto-replies do NOT count as a reply.

Why is high RR% important?

  • Missing out on sales opportunities
  • Hurt brand image
  • Chat guided conversion increase 4X (Especially when our RR% grows, seems like if you RR% is high, you are given more traffic)
  • To active Seller Picks you will need to have RR%>85% by Sunday

Best Practices on how to ensure high RR%?

  • Using the Seller App and reply on the go
  • Set a quick response for customers’ FAQ
  • Make use of the “unread” feature
  • Initiate chat with customers* via
    • Orders (Under Manage Order)
    • Seller Reviews
  • Remove inactive chat agents to prevent chats allocated to them (Via Chat Settings)

Where can you Seller Chat IM?

You can find it in Desktop and in the Seller App

*When using Desktop, best to use Chrome Browser. Tried using Safari and the experience is not good.

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