How to better communicate your product benefits with Lorikeet

Lorikeet is a new Lazada Seller tool that helps the sellers to create beautiful product description page. E-commerce is super competitive, as a seller having a beautiful shop design is not good enough. You need to win at every stage down to SKU level. Furthermore, Lorikeet has a SEO effect that is super beneficial for product discovery.

Now let me show you an example:
On the left, you have a product on Lazada not using Lorikeet
On the right, a tmall listing similar product but comes with a super long description, full of pictures and information so that you know what you are getting.

Now ask yourself this question, when making a purchase online, you will be seeking for more information. Usually, you will be reading reviews. However, what if this is a new product and does not have a review. You will need to give as much information as possible. This is where Lorikeet comes into play. Giving your customers more information so to reduce their risk of purchase.

Left: Lazada product without Lorikeet
Right: TMall product with Lorikeet

Why use Lorikeet

  1. help customers to understand what they are buying
  2. service and product differentiation
  3. communicate product’s benefit
  4. shop-recommendation and shop-campaign

How to access Lorikeet?

  • Go to Product > Manage Product > “Edit Details” > Long Description
  • There are 2 types of Lorikeet – Easy description or Text Editor
  • For Easy Decoration, create beautiful and long description easily
  • Access top panel to add Text, Image, Table & use templates
  • Use side panel to select which module to edit and/or re-arrange module layers
  • Click “Save” and done
  • For Text Module, select “<> source” to enter HTML source code directly. This is super useful if you are also selling on other platforms. Eg Shopee or Qoo10 or even Amazon. You can take your code from there and paste over.

How to provide a good description?

  1. Put in 3 solid product USP
  2. Each image that you have in the description, must communicate a single point
    1. share with customers the size of the item
    2. how to use the item
    3. front, back and side profiles of the product
    4. Link to a good example
  3. Use high res photos
    1. Max image resolution 960px x 5000 px

What information to put into Lorikeet?

Below are some of the consideration you can have on what information do you need to have in your Lorikeet. The most important thing here is to build trust. How can you communicate trust from Lorikeet.

Lorikeet best practices

Think of who will be reading it and is your message suitable?

Lorikeet best practices
Lorikeet best practices

Lorikeet & SEO

example of how Lorikeet is helpful to SEO

As you all know SEO is super important to selling your products. If someone search for “lighting to HDMI” if you are at the top of the search, chances are the user will click on your item link. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, which also means visibility on Google.

How to leverage on Lorikeet to maximize SEO potential?

Use Easy Decoration > use mixture of images & text, ensure key words are used in the Lorikeet Text.

How to leverage on Lorikeet to maximise visibility in Lazada?

  • Product description page will have content score so fill in all product attributes as detailed as possible
  • Use Easy Decoration, at least 50 words and 1 image
  • improves CTR%, CR% of product

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